2017 Joe Andruzzi Foundation Supporter Fundraising Application

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation appreciates your interest in supporting our efforts to tackle cancer’s impact by providing financial assistance to patients and their families and funding pediatric brain cancer research. Through your support, we can raise awareness and expand our reach.

The Foundation hosts several events each year, and our internal resources are completely dedicated to ensuring their success. By hosting a fundraiser, you (as a third-party fundraiser) assume the responsibility of creating a successful event with limited involvement from Joe Andruzzi Foundation staff.

Please read the guidelines and then carefully complete the application fields below.

We deeply appreciate your fundraising efforts on behalf of the Foundation. Thank you again for your support!


  • The application should be submitted at least six (6) weeks before your event/campaign. We will respond to your request within 5-10 business days of receipt.
  • All actions for a proposed fundraiser must be approved by the Foundation to ensure the proposal is within the Joe Andruzzi Foundation guidelines and is consistent with our mission.
  • In order to best serve our patients recipients and our signature events, we respectfully ask that you please do not use the Foundation’s name when approaching athletes or celebrities – by phone, email, mail, or through social networking – to request their involvement, participation, and/or donations to your event/campaign. All requests of this type must clearly state that the organization of the event/campaign is independent from the Joe Andruzzi Foundation.
  • Use of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation logo, along with all media announcements, must be approved by the Foundation prior to printing and distribution.
  • The Joe Andruzzi Foundation must be used as the beneficiary of the event/campaign, not the sponsor. Example of correct usage: "[Name of event/campaign] to benefit the Joe Andruzzi Foundation". This applies to all invitation copy as well as advertising and promotional material.
  • The Joe Andruzzi Foundation will not solicit on behalf of third-party fundraisers beyond notifying its current supporters of the event date, time and place.
  • The Joe Andruzzi Foundation recommends that no more than 25% of the revenue raised be spent on expenses.
  • A solicited donation is fully tax-deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. This information must be stated clearly in all fundraising materials.
  • The sponsoring organization/individual must submit event/campaign net proceeds, made payable to the Joe Andruzzi Foundation, within thirty (30) days following the event.
  • Under no circumstances may an individual or organization keep any portion of the net proceeds.
  • The organization/individual must seek approval from the Joe Andruzzi Foundation to repeat the event in each succeeding year. 

What the Joe Andruzzi Foundation can do for you:

  • Approve use of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation name
  • Approve use of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation logo
  • Acknowledge your direct contributions to the Joe Andruzzi Foundation
  • Acknowledge and provide tax receipt for contributions made payable to Joe Andruzzi Foundation, sent to the Joe Andruzzi Foundation Development Office at 49 Plain Street, Suite 500 | North Attleboro, MA 02760
  • Provide a fundraising platform (firstgiving.com) to accept gifts sponsoring an event participant (Only available when JAF will receive 100% of the proceeds from your event)
  • List your event on our website and in our monthly e-newsletter (If appropriate lead-time has been given)

What the Joe Andruzzi Foundation cannot do for you:
We state this information in advance to alleviate disappointment or misunderstandings with regards to our participation and support of your fundraising event.

  • Guarantee staff or volunteer support the day of your event/campaign, although we will do our best to accommodate all advance requests
  • Guarantee public attendance at your event/campaign
  • Provide JAF tax-exempt number for making any purchases related to your event/campaign
  • Share access to donor contact information
  • Fund or reimburse any expenses incurred throughout the planning and execution of the event/campaign
  • Solicit sponsorship revenue
  • Publicize your event/campaign

2017 Joe Andruzzi Foundation Supporter Application


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    (flyers, newsletters, internet, radio, mailing list, etc.)

    All costs should be covered by event proceeds or paid directly by the event organizer. Please list revenue goals and estimated expenses (even if you anticipate having them donated or sponsored).
  • (the profit from selling goods or services after all expenses have been paid)


    Please read the following guidelines carefully and sign below.
  • I have read and understand the above terms and conditions. I agree that the Joe Andruzzi Foundation name and logo are branded symbols, which should not be misrepresented. Prior to publicizing or holding the event/campaign, a representative from the Joe Andruzzi Foundation must approve this application and use of our name or logo. By publicly naming the Joe Andruzzi Foundation as the beneficiary of my event/campaign, I agree to donate the full amount of the net proceeds raised within 30 days following event/campaign. The Joe Andruzzi Foundation reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time.