Laurie Beattie

After successfully battling breast cancer in 2011, Laurie Beattie was dealt a devastating blow: her 20-year-old son, Joe, had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. As if that were not enough, in February of this year, she was once again diagnosed with breast cancer.

Being a mom of three is tough enough, but taking on a second cancer verdict certainly makes it all the more challenging. In addition to Joe, Laurie and her husband, Bob, have raised son, Bobby and daughter, Michelle.

“I never could have expected this,” Laurie admits, but remains upbeat. “Life can be too short and you need to be smart. A friend of mine had never been tested and after all my testing and radiation she finally went and it turned out she had the same cancer as me!”

Laurie, a North Attleboro resident living a town away from the home of the New England Patriots, says the help from the Foundation has been an enormous benefit.

“They’ve helped with our mortgage which was a huge help,” she said. “You feel helpless at times because you’re sick but you can’t call the bank and say, ‘Sorry, I’m sick, I can’t make this payment.‘ You’re fighting to save your life but reality is still staring you in the face.”

Joe and Jen have also made a great personal impact on Laurie and her family.

“They’re just so sweet and such nice people,” Laurie says of the Andruzzis. “Jen told me how hard and aggressive Joe’s cancer was and how grueling his stay in the hospital was. When my son, Joe, was diagnosed, Joe Andruzzi asked if he would help in getting the word out to people in his age group. People between 20 and 40 just don’t go to the doctor.”
Laurie also sees Joe as an inspiration.

“Look how great he’s doing,” she says with enthusiasm. “You have to stay positive and have the outlook that you’re going to beat it.”

Having initially been diagnosed at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro and having since been treated at both Faulkner and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals, Laurie’s key has been the positivity to #UpBeatCancer.

“My son, Joey, is now cancer free and after a year of chemo I am going to beat it again too. I fought it once and won. I will win again this time.”