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Krist at JAF UpBeat Cancer Codzilla event

Meet Kristy – a Community Resource Specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. To her patients and the Joe Andruzzi Foundation (JAF), she’s much more than that.

Kristy is an advocate for the cancer patients she serves – many fighting not only for their lives, but for their livelihood.

Every day, healthcare professionals like Kristy across New England meet with cancer patients to bridge the gaps in healthcare. Whether it’s transportation for treatments or advice for navigating health insurance, cancer patients rely on these support systems to help in the fight of their lives.

Kristy and her counterparts are the direct connection between cancer patients and the financial assistance provided by JAF. Directing patients to charitable funds like JAF helps the cancer community avoid financial toxicity. “Cancer is not always the biggest problem with the patients I see,” Kristy explains. “They are worried about paying their bills or figuring out how to take time off from work. It’s a lot of problem-solving to help people get through cancer treatment.”

Because March is World Social Work Month, today we turn the spotlight on Kristy and her dedicated peers for their contributions to the JAF patient community.

I want to thank my patients for being open to me entering their lives at the most vulnerable time,” Kristy says. “It’s hard to ask for help, so I bow down to my patients for being able to overcome that and reach out.”

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with JAF as well. In our area, we are really lucky to have such a supportive cancer community. A lot of times I feel lucky that I can actually help my patients because of the support JAF provides. Not all healthcare professionals have that resource.” Kristy explains.

In honor of all healthcare professionals working hard to help New England cancer patients fight for their lives, please consider making a donation to the Joe Andruzzi Foundation’s Annual Fund. Your gift will help us connect with more social workers, resource specialists, and nurse navigators so that we can provide financial assistance to those battling a cancer diagnosis when they need it most.


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