Team JAF Athlete

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation (JAF) is looking for athletes of all kinds to become proud members of Team JAF!

What does it take to become a Team JAF Athlete?

You might think you need strength… or maybe speed… or even incredible skills. Those are great talents to have and of course we welcome them. However, all you really need to have is spirit! A desire to help create awareness about the hidden cost of cancer and what it does to a patient and their family as they face this disease. A willingness to help raise funds so JAF can provide financial assistance to New England cancer patients and their families during what can be the most stressful and challenging time of their lives.

It doesn’t matter which sport you choose to be a Team JAF Athlete. You can run, walk, bike, swim – or do all of the above in a triathlon! Just bring your spirit and you will already be a winner in making a difference in the lives of cancer patients!

There are many ways you can become a Team JAF Athlete:

For more information on becoming a Team JAF Athlete please contact Gillian O’Brien at