Corporate Partners with Heart

Some relationships are forged together by destiny.  Joe met Terry Buckley, an operations manager at Triumph Modular (, because Terry’s nephew not only was born with Down Syndrome, but also was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 2007. The friendship continued as both men are persistent in helping others fight their battles with cancer.
Terry capitalized on his company’s mission of social action by aligning their efforts with the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. Triumph initiated a campaign by donating a percentage of each order placed to the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. They hope their customers will participate by making donations as well. To visibly show their support, Triumph affixed the Joe Andruzzi Foundation logo to all purchased office modules.
We are so grateful to companies like Triumph for helping us work towards our goal of doubling the amount of grants issued in 2011. Now your company can show its heartfelt dedication to making a difference for cancer patients and their families, too. If you’re interested in exploring corporate partnership opportunities, contact us at
-Jen Andruzzi 

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