Jothy Rosenberg

Can you remember watching someone who really inspired you to do something that seemed impossible? Perhaps it was at the gym or at work or even on television. Last year, as I participated in my first Pan-Mass Challenge, that person for me was Jothy Rosenberg, an incredibly tenacious cancer survivor. At first sight, I watched an above the knee amputee tackle the race and was impressed to push myself through the course’s challenges and finish one day’s worth of cycling.

As I learned more about his story, I could relate first-hand about fighting back, recovering and thriving. Like Jothy, I am used to overcoming the odds. When cancer hit our family, we worked as a family team alongside the best physicians to face it head on, keep the faith and rally together to beat it. I encourage you to read this inspiring account and take away some valuable life lessons on how to deal with major life challenges.

Please click here to view a piece that Jothy wrote originally for his book, “Who Says I Can’t.” It shares why he wrote the book, gives speeches, keeps blogging, rides in the PMC and so on.
Joe Andruzzi

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