Last Minute Running Tips: 2015 Falmouth Road Race

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The 43rd New Balance Falmouth Road Race is two days away and we’re here to help you get pumped up and prepared for the 7 mile race. Though training is a long and strenuous task that lasts for months, the last few days before a race are the most important in ensuring your work doesn’t go to waste. Here are a few tips to get you ready for race day.


Know Your Course

It’s essential to your success and safety that you know your course well before the race.  Your knowledge should not be limited to basic course information like the route and how many miles you will run. It’s important to have full awareness of course terrain, the placement of rest or refreshment stops, and even race day weather conditions.  

The Falmouth Road Race is 7 miles long with narrow, hilly, winding roads for the first three miles, flat roads for the last four miles, and a steep hill for the last ½ mile that takes you to a downhill finish. Check out this complete video tour for more information about the course including several important spots along the route.


Rest Up

With the race two days away, there is little you can do to increase speed or strength for race day. Your focus of the day should be REST, which will allow your body to fully benefit from your months or weeks of training. There’s nothing worse than starting a race with an exhausted and sore body so be sure to get quality sleep (7 hours minimum) two nights before the race and taking that day completely off from any activity.


Eat Right on Race Day

A car – despite its size, make, or model – will not run without gasoline. The same is true of runners without a proper breakfast on race day. Aim to eat a simple yet nutritious breakfast about two hours prior to the race. Something light, high energy and digestible – like a bowl of oatmeal with dried fruit- is just what you need to run strong for 7 miles without an upset stomach. Be sure to stay hydrated with water or sports drinks to prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration.


Warm Up

The few days prior to race day are perfect for stretching and warming up to prevent stiff and achy muscles. The day before and about 25 minutes prior to the race, go for a 10 minute easy jog. Then, include up to five short pick-ups under 30 seconds at race pace. Gently stretch any tight muscles after your warm up.

For more information on the 43rd Falmouth Road Race, our Team JAF runners, and how you can support them, visit

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