Our Daily Dose of Laughter

With the end of the year nearing, it’s time to close the book – literally – on our beloved Daily Dose campaign.

October & November was a lot of fun this year, as our friends and supporters tweeted and posted their funniest kids quotes to our Twitter and Facebook pages. Thanks to Millennium’s generous sponsorship, we raised more than $10,000 through the campaign – surpassing our goal!

And now, all of our favorite quotes are immortalized in the Joe Andruzzi Foundation’s first publication: “Don’t Lick Your Friends! And other hilarious insights from kids.” We unveiled the book at our fifth annual New England Celebrities Tackle Cancer Gala last week, where it was a big hit. It is also available online here, with all proceeds benefiting our patient grants and pediatric brain cancer research funding.

We’d never done anything like the Daily Dose, and this innovative campaign was a huge success, in so many ways. Of course, it raised money for our cherished cause. And it created a lively and unique connection – via the ongoing conversation between the Foundation and our supporters – that could only happen through the magic of social media. But most importantly, it got us all laughing every day. It celebrated and expressed our love for children, our eternal optimism, our (UP)Beat spirit and our true belief that laughter really is the best medicine. Even when you’re fighting cancer. Especially when you’re fighting cancer!

In honor of everyone who contributed – and because they still make us laugh, no matter how many times we read them – here are a few of our favorite Daily Dose quotes… a huge thank you to Digitas for helping us put the campaign together, and of course all the clever kids and amused, motivated parents who shared their wisdom with us!

– Jen Andruzzi

Emma (almost 6): “Mommy, you’re wearing your new earrings today! They really are not your style. Oh well.”

Evan: “I’m gonna close my eyes for 30 seconds. When I open ‘em, I hope there’ll be a cupcake here.” (Don’t we all!)

“Mom, when you type, it looks your fingers are breakdancing.”

3 year-old singing the alphabet “abcdefghijk elmo pqrstuvwxyz.”

KJ (age 7): “When I was born, I smelled like mint.”

Our friends’ 2yr old in church. Singing “This Train is Bound for Glory.” They realize she’s signing “This train is macaroni.”

8 yr old googled daddy cause she missed him. When asked why she didn’t look at pics around the house, she said “that is old school.”

Isaac, 3, singing while sprinting to the bathroom, “I gotta poop like Jagger…”

“Dad, because you have so many golf balls, does that mean you’re not that good?”

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