Reigniting JAF’s Young Professional Council

Come one, come all! 

We are excited to reignite the Joe Andruzzi Foundation’s (JAF) Young Professional Council! My name is Nicole Hartley, and I am spearheading the 2024 YPC strategy for growth and engagement. I am from Foxboro and went to Fordham University, where I studied Media and Marketing. I returned to New England, where my heart is to pursue my career in Marketing. I have a long history of passion for volunteering, most recently being a dedicated team lead for Cycle for Survival. My love for the Patriots and desire to give back led me to the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. I am ecstatic to meet other young professionals excited about growing awareness of the great work and contributions the Joe Andruzzi Foundation is making to New England families.

The team at JAF and I are determined to create an engaging, collaborative council of young professionals to grow the Foundation network. The purpose of the Young Professional Council is to create a community that promotes skill development, collaboration, and volunteer opportunities, spread awareness of the JAF mission and impact, and curate networking events where young professionals can come to and meet new people and grow their skill sets. 

The 2024 goal of the Young Professional Council is to grow involvement by having quarterly meetings, networking mixers, and career events this year. We want the YPC to be beneficial and fulfilling to the talented young professionals who join to foster lasting involvement and passion for the JAF mission. That’s why the events will be focused on growing what YPC members care about. It is crucial for JAF to communicate to the YPC members their significant impact on the foundation and how their contributions directly help families struggling with treatment. Our mission is to ultimately all be focused on the same WHY, and your role is pivotal in achieving this. 

We just held a virtual meeting this week. Thanks to everyone who attended! It was great to see new and enthusiastic faces! 

Our first event will be in June (we’re looking at somewhere in Boston!), so stay tuned for details, and please bring friends who may be interested! It is going to be an exciting year, and we can’t wait to get things kicked off. Hope to see you at an upcoming event or meeting soon!  

To get involved in the YPC, send me an email at

Thank You,

Nicole Hartley

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