Teenage Son Teaches Mom About Courage

Joey and Debbie Llanes

Often it’s our kids who remind us what’s important in life. While we all would choose the safe and easy path, it’s the curves and unexpected detours life throws our way that show true character. Visiting patients and their families often reminds us of this vital lesson.

Joey Llanes was only 14 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This bright, athletic and determined high school student chalked up his stomach pains to stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, it was much worse. Yet he never complained, made a miraculous recovery and discovered a career path based on this experience. Then, when his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer just three years after his own diagnosis Joey reminded her, “It’s just a speed bump. You’ll get over it.”
Let’s all learn a lesson from this courageous teenager. Remember the blessings of family and friends. Appreciate the small things in your daily living. Even after receiving a grim diagnosis, keep a positive motivator top of mind and you can conquer anything! To read more of Joey’s story click https://joeandruzzifoundation.org/wp/patient-stories/ and help us tackle cancer’s impact by visiting https://joeandruzzifoundation.org/wp/make-a-donation/.
-Jen Andruzzi
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