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ElizabethBethHuber proudly claims her middle-class Rhode Island roots as a driving influence in her life. One of 7 children born and raised in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, she has used her life experience to shape her volunteerism and philanthropy. Beth’s professional career began in the precious metals industry, where over a ten-year period, she held various management positions in all aspects of material acquisition.

She went on to spend 22 years with the Providence, RI non-profit, the American Mathematical Society. As Associate Executive Director for Publishing, she was responsible for managing a reporting group of more than 100 employees engaged in the production and distribution activities associated with building an annual revenue stream in excess of $30 million.

Beth and her husband, Michael, are passionate about using their professional success to support a variety of philanthropic endeavors primarily focused on aiding individuals and organizations to navigate the financial and emotional impact that health challenges have on people’s lives. Beth serves as the Vice Chair of the Rhode Island Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees.

What drove you to become a supporter of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation?

A large component of our family’s philanthropy has been focused on helping individuals survive the impact that health crises have on individuals and families financially. When we were introduced to the Foundation by a friend, we immediately knew that this was an organization that we had to get behind.

What is your favorite thing about being a JAF Board Member?

I am deeply interested in working with other people and organizations that are focused like I am on the changing landscape of healthcare and the impact it is having on our society. My fellow JAF board members share that focus.

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