Eric Kagan


Eric Kagan profile image
Eric Kagan profile image

Eric serves as a Member of the Board of Directors for JAF. In addition to this role, he supports JAF through his involvement with the Foundation's Development and Champions Circle recruitment committees.

An active real estate and angel investor, Eric councils startups up to their growth phase and maintains advisory roles or board seat going forward. He also works with various groups to help provide funding for companies and real estate projects.

Get to Know Eric

What drove you to become a supporter of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation?

I attended the Foundation’s annual gala in 2012, which was my first JAF event, and I was immediately drawn to the cause and mission. I attended several other events over the next couple of years and really connected with the organization and felt compelled to “pay it forward”.

What is your favorite thing about being a JAF Board Member?

Being able to make an impact within the organization and the direction it is taking, in addition to financially supporting the organization. I like being able to see both sides, as I have a greater appreciation for how much work is involved to coordinate and host all the events over the course of the year.

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