Jen Andruzzi


Jen Andruzzi profile image
Jen Andruzzi profile image

As President of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation’s Board of Directors, Jen oversees the on-boarding of new directors and educates all members (old and new) of their fiduciary responsibility to the organization.

Get to Know Jen

What is your favorite thing about being a JAF Board Member?

Being part of JAF’s growth over the past ten years has been a blessing. I wholeheartedly believe that JAF is one of the leading oncology non-profits in New England, and if you asked any healthcare partner, patient recipient, or supporter about JAF, these are just a few words you would hear: authentic, dedicated, dependable, passionate, and trustworthy.

List a “fun fact” about yourself that others may be surprised to learn.

Competing in sports is definitely one of top things to do in life. No matter if I am up against a team or individual (or even myself), I thrive in the face of a good challenge!


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