Jen Andruzzi

President and CEO

Jen Andruzzi profile image
Jen Andruzzi profile image

The woman who wears many hats. Nonprofit entrepreneurs typically have sat in nearly all organizational roles during their formative years. So, as JAF enters year 15 of serving cancer patients and families across New England, Jen still switches between a baseball cap to a bucket hat, but her ability to continue advancing the Foundation's work is the President and CEO hat that never comes off.

Jen has seen the impact cancer can have through the lens of people such as patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and those most affected by a diagnosis. As the Foundation’s leader, she is determined to assist patients and help ease their financial burdens.

Before starting the Foundation, Jen was a stay-at-home mom to four (now five) who volunteered while her kids were at school or camp—including helping organize volunteer programs with New England Patriots’ players' families within the community. While Joe was playing for the Cleveland Browns, Jen attended college online to become an interior designer. Despite those natural talents, and lucky for so many, Jen turned her skills towards building a nonprofit focused on changing outcomes for cancer patients. Fun fact about Jen? She ‘secretly’ aspires to evolve her golf game and become an elite player out on the links.


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