Michael Lombardo


Michael Lombardo profile image
Michael Lombardo profile image

Michael Lombardo is the founder and CEO of GlideFast Consulting, a flourishing company specializing in digital transformation leveraging the ServiceNow SAAS platform. Since establishing GlideFast in 2015, Michael has led the company to remarkable achievements, growing the team to over 500 talented professionals and driving total sales beyond $400 million. As the CEO of GlideFast, Michael continues to spearhead the company's growth and maintain its position as an industry leader.  


His leadership at GlideFast Consulting, combined with his commitment to making a positive impact, exemplifies his relentless drive to foster growth and improve the lives of others. 

What drove you to become a supporter of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation? 

As a cancer survivor, I have personally experienced the immense challenges and hardships caused by this disease. This has ignited a deep passion within me to become a compassionate and supportive ally to cancer patients. Throughout my own battle with cancer, JAF played a pivotal role in providing invaluable support and hope. Having successfully recovered, I am committed to contribute to this remarkable organization for the rest of my life.  

What is your favorite thing about being JAF Board Member? 

My favorite thing about being a JAF board member is my ability to make a real impact. I am honored to be a part of something so positive in this world, and I will not take that lightly. 

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