Grateful to help: Joe Andruzzi Foundation Marathon Team member Steven McManus

Today, we’d like to introduce you to a dedicated member of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation Marathon Team: Steven McManus, 50, a managing director with three sons from Millis, Mass.

Thank you, Steven, and good luck with your training and fundraising!

— Jen Andruzzi

JAF: Why did you join the Joe Andruzzi Foundation Marathon Team?

Steven: After attending the JAF fundraising event in November, I wanted to get more involved.

JAF: What is your inspiration?

Steven: My family, my friends, the Andruzzi family mission, all the people I know who can’t run a marathon for one reason or another.

JAF: Have you ever run a marathon before?

Steven: This is my third Boston Marathon in a row.

JAF: What advice would you offer other marathon runners?

Steven: As a beginner, I find it’s more of a mental challenge then a physical one.

JAF: What do you like about running?

Steven: It gets me in shape for golf in the spring! You meet a lot of nice people who are raising money for interesting reasons.

JAF: How’s training going?

Steven: Hills on Tuesdays. Five miles per day – four days per week. Long run with the group on Saturday morning.

JAF: How do you motivate yourself to train when it’s freezing cold or snowing?

Steven: I’ve made a commitment that I need to follow through on. I also think about all the people who are not healthy enough to do what I do and who would trade places with me if they could (cancer patients, people with “disabilities,” etc.). I feel lucky that I’m healthy enough to be able to do this and to support the Foundation.

JAF: What’s your marathon goal?

Steven: To set a personal best by improving on last year’s time of 4:42:35. Maybe 4:30.

JAF: What are you doing to fundraise?

Steven: Networking and lots of personal emails.

JAF: Do you do other charity work?

Steven: I coach youth football and basketball. It’s not necessarily charity, but it’s a way to be involved in the community and teach kids skills and sportsmanship.

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