JAF Bridge Builder: Closing the Gap Between Hospital and Home for Cancer Patients

When a family receives a cancer diagnosis, they are often overwhelmed by the hidden costs that come along with treatment. At a time when a family might feel at its most vulnerable with nowhere to turn for financial help, a grant from the Joe Andruzzi Foundation can bring much needed relief and peace of mind.

Why become a JAF Bridge Builder?

While undergoing cancer treatment – between hospital stays and returning home – patients and their families need help bridging the gap between paychecks. Through this monthly giving program, you can join a group of likeminded individuals committing to provide sustainable financial support to New England families in cancer treatment so they can stay in their homes, keep their heat and lights on, and safely get to their treatment appointments.

Sign up now, and our friends and supporters at Empower Retirement will DOUBLE your gift through the end of 2019.⁣

When you commit to a monthly donation (here), you are providing the Joe Andruzzi Foundation with steady, reliable funding. Just as a bridge is built piece by piece by many hands, your contribution will combine each month with the gifts of fellow JAF Bridge Builders to carry New England cancer patients and their families across times of financial distress.

When you become a JAF Bridge Builder, you’ll receive…

  • Quarterly e-newsletter updates about the patients and families you’re supporting.
  • Exclusive early access to JAF events.
  • For a monthly gift of as little as $15, your choice of a commemorative magnet or keychain.

Together, we can build bridges for families facing cancer, like Melany.

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