For a Limited Time, Families Can Apply for One Mission Extraordinary Needs Funding

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation (JAF) and One Mission hope to make 10 or more pediatric patients and their families’ holidays sparkle by providing up to a $4,000 grant to cover project-based need(s) that present a barrier to cancer treatment!

Over the next three weeks, JAF will be accepting One Mission Pediatric Extraordinary Needs Fund applications directly from families (guardians) residing in New England who have a child between the ages of 0-18 and are currently in active cancer treatment.

Why? JAF became aware that pediatric oncology centers experienced unusual turnover with social workers and other healthcare professionals who connect JAF support with patient families. These staffing issues have reduced the number of eligible families paired with JAF, leaving families in need unable to receive the financial grants available to them.

Beginning December 3, 2021 for a limited time, parents and guardians can apply for a One Mission Extraordinary Need Grant from JAF for project-based needs (e.g., fertility preservation, dental work, out-of-state treatment lodging, access to transportation). Required documentation includes proof of income, pricing/invoice of the grant request(s), and JAF Physician’s Signature Form.

JAF and One Mission understand the hardship cancer creates for families financially, emotionally, and physically. Together we are dedicated to providing the help, hope, and support families facing cancer need.

A family’s income can drop dramatically immediately following a cancer diagnosis, and 48% of grants distributed by JAF help patients and families who report living on $25,000 or less. In August, CNBC reported that 30% of American households earning less than about $26,000 a year have a median account balance of just $1,010.

These statistics confirm the mission behind JAF. Patients and families who have lost income have limited resources to put toward cancer care. Now, as many prepare to celebrate the season with gifts and decorations, savings earmarked for the holiday must go toward necessary expenses for a sick child – and the truth is, it may not even be enough.

No family should have to watch the bright eyes of a child lose their holiday sparkle because cancer has entered their life.

Help us share the message that, for a limited time, JAF is welcoming parents/guardians to submit grant applications to the JAF-OM Pediatric Extraordinary Needs Fund before the end of 2021.

Note: the application will close on December 20, if not, when no funds remain in the restricted fund for 2021. Click here to complete and submit an application.

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