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The partnership between CVS and JAF goes back to the first few years of the Foundation’s existence. In fact, Faith Weiner, the Senior Director of Community Relations & Philanthropy for CVS Health, played an integral part in the early formation of the Foundation.

That relationship has continued to grow, with CVS Health becoming a longtime sponsor of the annual Joe Andruzzi & Friends Golf Tournament and JAF’s annual fall Gala at Gillette Stadium. Since CVS Health began its partnership with JAF, it has donated nearly $300,000 to the Foundation, which includes providing CVS gift cards that are granted to JAF patients.

“We’re so happy to see the Foundation continue to do the most important thing it can – ensure that people who have cancer don’t have to sacrifice living, food, medication, or anything to cover the cost of treatment. We’re proud that our CVS Health and Aetna colleagues can be a part of it, and we look forward to continuing our partnership until we put cancer out of business.”
- Faith Weiner, Senior Director of Community Relations & Philanthropy, CVS Health

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